Only companies that act sustainably will be successful in the long term

Nur nachhaltig agierende Unternehmen werden langfristig Erfolg haben

Melanie Grant, the new executive director of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), believes sustainability is one of the most important factors in determining which companies will succeed in the coming years and which will fall by the wayside.


Grant has had a long and successful career as a journalist for the jewelry industry and now, in her leadership position at the RJC, is expected to create greater awareness among consumers, collectors, designers, brands and supply chain specialists about the importance of sustainable business practices for long-term survival in the watch and jewelry industry.


Grant draws a comparison between the importance of sustainability and the digital transformation 20 years ago. Those who welcomed the digital transformation back then and adapted to the changes were successful and attracted new younger customers. But those who didn't embrace the change have lagged behind the competition.

For our time, Grant now sees sustainability as the most critical issue facing the jewelry and watch industry.

At DIAVON, we agree that sustainability is the biggest challenge facing our industry. We are convinced that sustainable business practices, a transparent value chain and respect for people and nature lead to long-term success. We sincerely hope that Melanie Grant, in her position at the RJC, will be able to contribute to further deepening the awareness of sustainability in the industry and thus contribute to a real change.

Source: Article "Those who dismiss sustainability will get left behind, according to new RJC executive director" in Professional Jeweller from 24 January 2023

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