How to find your correct ring size

Wie Sie Ihre richtige Ringgröße ermitteln

Everyone knows their dress size, that is completely natural. But the question of ring size usually only arises for many when it comes to buying wedding rings or an engagement ring. Here we present various methods of how to determine your own ring size or that of your partner.


Determining the ring size at home

There are some guides online with many tips that present different methods for determining the appropriate ring size. There are instructions on how to measure the size yourself with a piece of paper or a string. However, these measurements are often very inaccurate and prone to error. Instead, it is recommended to work with a proper ring size measuring tape. These are already available for a few euros on the Internet. You place the ring gauge on your respective finger like a belt and tighten it until it fits comfortably. It should not be too loose, but you should still be able to move it. If you can't slip the gauge off without adjusting the size further, it's too tight. Normally, a ring size measuring tape also comes with a conversion chart that shows you your ring size according to the scale of different countries.

Another way to determine the ring size yourself at home is to measure a ring that you already own. On the one hand, it should be noted that the ring used should fit very well, and on the other hand, it should of course be a ring that is worn on the same finger for which the new ring is also intended. On the Internet you can find free templates to print out, which can be used to determine the size of a ring. However, if you want the most accurate result possible, it is also recommended that you purchase a proper ring sizer. These are also available relatively cheaply on the Internet.

Asking for help at the local jeweler

Jewelers are actually always able to help determine the ring size, and usually they are happy to offer their help. Asking a jeweler for help is undoubtedly the most reliable option, as jewelers are experts in the field. You can either have your ring size measured based on your particular finger, or again, there is the option of submitting another well-fitting ring to the jeweler for measuring.

How to find out your partner's ring size for the proposal

If it is not about the own ring size, but about the size of the partner for the marriage proposal, the matter is of course somewhat more difficult. If the bride-to-be already has rings that fit well, there is also the possibility of secretly measuring a ring yourself or taking it to the local jeweler for sizing. If no rings are available, close friends of the partner may be able to help. You can also use the average size as a guide and have the engagement ring adjusted afterwards if necessary. For women, the average ring size is between 52-54, for men, the average size is between 57-62. As a last resort, although very risky, you can try to secretly measure the finger of your sleeping partner with a ring measuring tape. However, this is rather inadvisable if the proposal is to remain secret.

Finally, some useful advice

There are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Fingers often swell during the course of the day. Therefore, a ring that fits perfectly in the morning may be a little too tight in the evening. So, as with trying on shoes, you should rather measure your finger in the evening in order to increase the wearing comfort.

2. You should also not rely on the first measurement result, but measure a few times to get the most accurate result. 

3. The weather can also have an impact on ring size. In very cold weather, fingers can get narrower, and in hot weather, they might swell.

4. If the measurement results are exactly between two sizes, it makes more sense to choose the larger size for comfort.

5. The dominant hand is often slightly larger. That is why you should also make sure to measure the finger on the respective hand.

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