Diamonds are a wonder of nature. Their unique ability to transform light into fascination has always enchanted people. DIAVON has managed to create this fascination without the negative effects of mining and without moral conflicts.


MANUFAKTURDIAMANTEN are available in numerous color nuances and are manufactured for you in over 100 different cuts.


Weihnachtliche Heart Shape Diamanten der DIAVON.

Fancy Shapes

Fancy Shapes

Kleine Round Brilliant werden auch Melees genannt.



Der MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® als Princess Cut in Vivid Blue.

Fancy Colors

Fancy Colors

German quality standard

From the heart of Lower Franconia, we combine German quality standards with innovation. With the MANUFAKTURDIAMANT, we offer a real, sustainable alternative to the established mined diamonds for the first time.

"Sustainable and guaranteed conflict-free - the MANUFAKTURDIAMANT®"

Der Rough MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® der Diamond Foundry Inc.


The constant urge of evolution for progress is reflected in the MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® and it should make an impact on the entire diamond trade.

We are convinced that the true value of a diamond goes far beyond its material worth. The MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® embodies this claim and, with its newly set standards, closes the circle of a perfect, value-adding cycle - from the creation to the finished piece of jewelry.

We can tell you exactly where your stone comes from.

The MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® stands for a transparent value chain. Unlike mined diamonds, our MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs are given their own unique ID from the moment their manufacturing process begins. This ID number accompanies each individual diamond throughout the entire value-added process and guarantees you its conflict-free and sustainable origin.

Lab-grown Diamant der DIAVON als Heart Shape in Fancy Intense Vivid Blue.

Extraordinary cuts & colors

Make your pieces of jewelry something very special and discover the MANUFAKTURDIAMANT in all its facets.

We offer you an extensive range of colors in many different color intensities and shades and in different qualities and cuts.
You can select your diamond of choice from 100 different cuts. We are also happy to fulfill individual wishes on request in cooperation with our German grinding shop.

More about our cuts & colors

A real, sustainable alternative

The most common misconception about MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs is that they are not real diamonds. However, that is not the case. They are just as unique and share the same optical, chemical and physical properties as diamonds mined from the earth.
Only their origin distinguishes them from each other.

Herstellung des MANUFAKTURDIAMANTEN mithilfe der erneuerbaren Energie der Wasserkraft

The pure energy of hydropower

DIAVON MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs are created by our partner Diamond Foundry Inc. with the highest technical effort in an emission-free factory that is to 100% supplied with renewable energy from the Columbia River.

More about the Diamond Foundry Inc.