Revolutionary technology: DNA test for diamonds

Revolutionäre Technologie: DNA-Test für Diamanten

Up to now, it has mainly been possible to trace laboratory diamonds throughout the entire value-added process, as it is possible to provide them with their own ID with which they can be tracked as soon as the manufacturing process is initiated in the laboratory. For natural diamonds, however, reliable tracking is somewhat more difficult. As Blickpunkt Juwelier reports, this could soon change.

The company Spacecode has reportedly developed a device with which both rough and polished diamonds can be precisely traced back to their mine of origin. It is expected to be launched in 2024. This new technology could bring transparency to the diamond trade and also open up the possibility of finally stopping the trade in Russian diamonds, which continue to enter the European market via detours.

The technical implementation is based on the fact that natural diamonds do not consist of absolutely pure carbon, but contain different proportions of various trace elements. The exact chemical composition depends on where the diamond was mined. In this way, it is possible to trace the diamond back to the mine of origin. In previous tests, the respective diamonds could be assigned to the correct mine with 99% accuracy.

For the diamond industry, this is a revolutionary technology that could have a major impact. In the future, the exact origin of a diamond can still be determined retrospectively at every step of the value chain. This will also make it possible to track down Russian diamonds that have long since slipped into the Western market. In addition, it will generally be possible to trace whether mine diamonds actually come from the mines that are indicated as the origin, or whether certificates are possibly forged.

We at DIAVON are very excited to see how this new technology will change the classic diamond industry and how industry participants will react to it. Already, the news has caused quite a stir in the industry, as this new level of transparency could have a significant impact on diamond trading. We are very happy that it will finally be possible to reliably trace even mine diamonds back to their origin. Transparency is a top priority for DIAVON, because every customer should be able to make a 100% informed buying decision based on reliable facts.

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