The beginning of a new era

Until now, the jewelry industry has been characterized by the overexploitation of nature - beautiful things for people to the detriment of nature.
With the MANUFAKTURDIAMANT we stand for a positive impact and a real transformational effect in the diamond trade.

We take responsibility and are transparent in every respect.

For us, sustainability is not just a product feature, but a principle according to which we align our thoughts and actions. A responsible approach to our environment is deeply rooted in our values. That is why we face the daily challenges of counteracting the shortage of limited resources and making a contribution to maintaining the natural balance.

"With transparency, we want to pave the way for a change in awareness towards sustainability along the entire value chain."

Our appreciation is not only for the diamonds, but also for the people behind them.

Our goal is to have a conscious and positive impact on the diamond industry.

For us, the value-adding cycle within the diamond industry has never been closed. Often only a few benefit. We have therefore made it our goal that every individual in the entire value chain benefits from the value of the diamond. Because for us, the true value of a diamond goes far beyond its material value, that is our deep conviction.

Der MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® - der nachhaltige Labordiamant.

We set the highest quality standards for our diamonds.

At DIAVON we are passionate about innovation and technology. At the same time, we appreciate German craftsmanship and find ourselves in the special position of combining all of this into a flawless diamond. The name "MANUFAKTURDIAMANT®" stands as a quality feature and sets new standards with the 6C's.

More about the 6C's

The team behind the DIAVON

We find new ways and bring fresh ideas to the diamond industry. Together with our partners, we achieve a real, sustainable transformation and thus make our contribution to protecting nature and people.

Katharina Schmitt, CEO

CEO Katharina Schmitt comes from the jewelry industry herself and realized her dream of having her own jewelry label a few years ago. Together with DIAVON, she is now leading the diamond industry from the heart of Lower Franconia into a sustainable future.