Innovative and sustainable: DIAVON shares expertise on lab-grown diamonds at presentation to watchmakers', goldsmiths' and silversmiths' guild of Lower Franconia

DIAVON teilt Expertise zu Labordiamanten beim Vortrag vor der Uhrmacher-, Gold- und Silberschmiedeinnung Unterfranken
"Company DIAVON MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs® as a guest speaker at the Watchmakers, Gold- and Silversmiths Guild of Lower Franconia. Besides the profound lecture, the MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs®, which have already conquered their firm place in the market in the United States, aroused great interest. We are looking forward to accompanying the further development together with the company DIAVON."

- Ina de la Motte, Deputy Head Master of the Watchmakers', Goldsmiths' and Silversmiths' Guild of Lower Franconia

At a time when sustainability and ethical awareness are becoming increasingly important, the traditional jewelry industry is also facing new challenges. A promising alternative to conventional mined diamonds are laboratory diamonds, which are produced under controlled conditions and are far more sustainable than natural diamonds when produced using renewable energy. DIAVON, exclusive supplier of demonstrably sustainable MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs®, was invited to illustrate the importance and advantages of laboratory diamonds at the meeting of the Watchmakers', Goldsmiths' and Silversmiths' Guild of Lower Franconia in Würzburg on July 5, 2023. Among the meeting participants were not only the guild members but also the goldsmith and watchmaker master classes of the Franz-Oberthür-Schule from Würzburg. The background to the lecture was the increasing demand for laboratory diamonds in Germany and the associated need for education.

The lecture not only included a brief company presentation and an explanation of the special features of DIAVON's MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs®, but also provided basic information on the properties of laboratory diamonds and explained the various manufacturing processes. Furthermore, DIAVON addressed the greenwashing problem and forecasts for the market development of laboratory diamonds within the jewelry industry in its approximately one and a half hour lecture. The lecture was designed as a mutual exchange: All participants were able to clarify open questions, for example with regard to the current status of test equipment for the differentiation of laboratory vs. mined diamonds or with regard to price developments and value.

Afterwards, the guild members as well as the prospective master goldsmiths and master watchmakers had the opportunity to see for themselves the difference between laboratory diamonds and mined diamonds. DIAVON presented a small selection of stones as well as the jewelry pieces of the ESSENTIAL WHITE-LABEL collection and invited to take a closer look at the MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs®.

"It was a great event. The feedback was consistently positive from all sides. Many thanks for that. Events like this give members new impulses and I think everyone takes something home for their business. The students of the master classes have also given positive feedback here in the training center."

- Markus Graf, Chamber of Crafts Lower Franconia

Responsibility for a sustainable future begins with transparency

During the presentation, DIAVON emphasized the jewelry industry's responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future. The use of laboratory diamonds, which like the MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® are produced with renewable energy, makes it possible to reduce the industry's environmental footprint and promote the protection of natural resources. Compared to mined diamonds, the production of laboratory diamonds generates less CO2 emissions and avoids harmful environmental impacts by avoiding massive mining. In addition, lab diamonds have a shorter value chain. This makes their origin easier to trace and socially just working conditions easier to ensure.

In this context, it is a central concern of DIAVON to make the entire value chain transparent. MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs® from DIAVON are demonstrably produced sustainably, processed using wind and solar energy, and guarantee a conflict-free origin. Customers can therefore rest assured that the MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs®, like the jewelry in the ESSENTIAL collection, are socially and ecologically sustainable. DIAVON is also actively involved in women empowerment, for example by strengthening the position of women workers in the Indian grinding factory in Surat, and works together with Plant-for-the-Planet to minimize environmental impact and positively change social structure.

Educational work and support for the specialized trade

DIAVON considers sound educational work to be of great importance and supports the specialized trade with expertise and extensive information material. The company is ready to answer all questions on the subject of laboratory diamonds and to enter into an open exchange with the industry. In addition, DIAVON supports jewelers and goldsmiths in conveying information in discussions with customers. The aim is to ensure that the specialized trade is informed about all relevant aspects in order to be able to offer customers the best possible advice.
Strong external communication

DIAVON relies on strong external communication and education of both the end consumer and the specialized trade. The company actively provides information about the advantages and disadvantages, properties and possibilities of lab-grown diamonds to raise awareness for sustainable and socially just jewelry. Through regular news and blog posts, press releases, social media campaigns and trade show appearances, DIAVON helps to promote the understanding and acceptance of lab-grown diamonds among the public and the specialized trade and to share fact-based know-how.
The presentation at the Guild of Lower Franconia shows the future significance of laboratory diamonds for the jewelry industry and illustrates the growing interest in MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs®. DIAVON is consistently committed to sustainability, transparency and ethical responsibility. With high-quality, demonstrably sustainable laboratory diamonds, we offer a unique alternative that combines beauty, quality and a positive impact on people and the environment. By actively engaging with jewelers and goldsmiths, we at DIAVON aim to help build a sustainable and ethical jewelry industry that meets the needs and values of today's and tomorrow's customers, while supporting retailers in their move towards lab-grown diamonds.

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