The ESSENTIAL jewelry collection "Made in Germany" - benefit from sustainable luxury with the exclusive WHITE-LABEL

Die ESSENTIAL Schmuckkollektion “Made in Germany” - profitieren Sie von nachhaltigem Luxus mit dem exklusiven WHITE-LABEL

The ESSENTIAL B2B jewelry collection is now "Made in Germany". Our collection thus focuses on the highest quality standards and combines luxury and sustainability in jewelry made by women for women. The ESSENTIAL collection embodies awareness of social and environmental responsibility with a timeless, refined design, creating a classic concept with modern expressiveness for the generations of today and tomorrow. In this blog post you will learn more about our German quality standard, the USP of the collection and we will show you all the benefits you get with the WHITE-LABEL.

Guaranteed German quality standard: "Made in Germany"

Transparency and sustainability are the two fundamental pillars on which DIAVON's corporate philosophy is based. In addition, we represent another value where we are not willing to compromise: our German quality standard. From design to manufacturing and final processing, jewelry production takes place in Germany. As a result, we are more closely involved in all processes and can thus guarantee our customers the highest quality and integrity. With the "Made in Germany" label, we thus aim to strengthen confidence in luxury without compromise.

It is important for us to point out again that "Made in Germany" refers only to the production of the jewelry, but not to the MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs®. We are proud that our diamonds come from the Diamond Foundry in the USA. There, they are produced in a CO2-neutral manner using only the hydropower of the Columbia River and are officially certified as carbon-neutral. This makes the ESSENTIAL collection Europe's first B2B jewelry collection "Made in Germany" with verifiably sustainable laboratory diamonds.

Sustainability is a holistic concept for us, so it goes without saying that we only use recycled gold for the jewelry collection. With the original MANUFAKTURDIAMANT®, the ESSENTIAL jewelry collection offers retailers a genuine, sustainable alternative for the first time.

The collection at a glance: The perfect start with sustainable lab diamonds

The jewelry is made from 100% recycled 14K and 18K gold in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold alloys. The diamonds in the ESSENTIAL collection are available in three classic, timeless cuts: Round Brilliant, Princess and Pear. They are available in carat sizes of 0.50 ct, 1.00 ct, 1.50 ct and 2.00 ct as standard, and each MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® from 0.50 ct is also IGI-certified.

The collection includes SIGNATURE solitaire rings with or without pavé. We also offer various side rings such as the MODERN ETERNITY ring and exclusive wedding rings for him and her. In addition, the collection includes ESSENTIAL stud earrings and ESSENTIAL necklaces. Our SIGNATURE bangles with prominent solitaires or discreet side stones round off the ESSENTIAL collection.

We offer our customers the highest degree of customization. Special designs and special cuts are possible on request. This gives jewelers and partners the exclusive opportunity to realize their customized jewelry collection with the original MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® or to implement individual customer wishes.

The WHITE-LABEL - A collection for the specialist trade

With the ESSENTIAL collection, we offer retailers exclusively a WHITE-LABEL B2B jewelry collection. Jewelers and partners are thus given the opportunity to place a unique collection with their own branding, which not only promises social and ecological sustainability, but also stands under the label "Made in Germany".

The collection can either be sold under the brand name of DIAVON or as a white-label collection, i.e. with the respective jeweler's own branding. In the latter case, the collection is delivered with a personalized WHITE-LABEL display x MANUFAKTURDIAMANT. We also provide support with training, various high-quality PoS materials and a marketing kit for sales and educational work on the subject of "laboratory diamonds".

Luxury without compromise by women for women

We follow the motto "By women for women" across all entrepreneurial activities. DIAVON is not only run by women, we have also made it our goal to strengthen the position of all female employees throughout the entire MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® development process. The "Women Empowerment" project is particularly close to our hearts: In the Indian cutting factory in Surat, we are therefore involved in the planning and implementation of a kindergarten and a school on site to make it easier for the female cutters to reconcile work and family life. You can find out more here.

Women are a decisive foundation of DIAVON. They are the ones who give the MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® its incomparable beauty - whether in the production in the USA, the cutting shop in India or the quality check in Germany. In the end, our main target group is the woman who wears our jewelry with the original MANUFAKTURDIAMANT®. With the ESSENTIAL jewelry collection we create luxury without compromise by women for women and give the specialist trade with the Original MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® a seal of quality, which expands their assortment with a real alternative.

You can find more information about the ESSENTIAL jewelry collection here. We are also happy to answer your questions by phone at +49 9381 524 22 80 or by mail to

We will also come to you personally: Make an appointment directly for an individual meeting with us and discover the WHITE-LABEL B2B jewelry collection of DIAVON.

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