Luxury without compromise: Our White Label Fine Jewelry Collection

Fine Jewelry White-Label B2B-Schmuckkollektion
DIAVON stands for sustainability, transparency - and for sparkling MANUFAKTURDIAMANTEN that enable luxury without compromise. Now DIAVON is going one step further and launching the first demonstrably sustainable white label B2B jewellery collection at Inhorgenta in February. Find out everything you need to know about the collection in this article.

As the exclusive partner of the Diamond Foundry in Europe, DIAVON has been offering the MANUFAKTURDIAMANTEN as a sustainable alternative to the established mine diamond for about a year now. The MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® offers jewellers and goldsmiths the possibility to process ecologically and socially sustainably produced diamonds. On the part of the customers, however, the wish for completely sustainably produced jewellery has been voiced more and more frequently. "Our customers tell us every day that there are many unanswered questions, especially in the area of sustainable jewellery, and that there is a lack of transparent offers," says DIAVON CEO Katharina Schmitt. It is precisely this gap in the market that DIAVON's Fine Jewelry B2B jewellery collection, with the MANUFAKTURDIAMANTEN as its centrepiece, is now designed to fill.

The collection includes three classic diamond cuts for engagement rings: Round Brilliant, Emerald and Princess. Stone sizes start at 0.25 ct and go up to 2 ct. Every diamond from 0.5 ct is delivered with an IGI certificate. Thanks to the cooperation with a cutting workshop in Germany, special cuts and individual custom-made pieces of jewellery are also possible. The range includes engagement and side rings, wedding rings, fine necklaces with solitaire pendants, fine bracelets with solitaire pendants, bangles with solitaire, tennis bracelets and stud earrings. Price points start from 800 euros RRP and all retailers carrying the collection will be listed on the DIAVON homepage in the future.

The jewellery pieces embody our belief that sustainability is not limited to production, but that social justice along the entire value chain is also an important aspect of sustainability. The processed MANUFAKTURDIAMANTEN are produced by the Diamond Foundry in a completely CO2-neutral manner, solely through the renewable hydropower of the Columbia River. In addition, DIAVON plants up to 10 trees for each diamond together with Plant for the Planet. In this way, we give something back to nature instead of taking from it. At the cutting plant in India, DIAVON ensures that the employees have a secure job under fair working conditions and is particularly committed to women's empowerment in this context. You can find out more about our commitment here. MANUFAKTURDIAMANTEN are processed together with recycled gold in 14 carat in the Fine Jewelry collection. This means that neither man nor nature are exploited for the gold used.

The special thing about the Fine Jewelry collection is not only that it is demonstrably sustainably produced, but also that it is a white-label B2B jewellery collection. This means that DIAVON not only offers a Fine Jewelry collection exclusively for specialist retailers, but also provides jewellers within the DACH region with their own exclusive branding. To support the specialised trade, DIAVON provides, among other things, a tailor-made marketing kit and POS materials and offers even more assistance in the form of individual training, white-label display and packaging. It is also important to emphasise that the B2B jewellery collection is not intended to compete with jewellers, but rather to support them in their daily business.

DIAVON's white-label B2B jewellery collection follows the guiding principle "Luxury knows no compromise". The Fine Jewelry collection combines ecologically sustainable and socially just production with the highest quality standards. Not only does the jewellery represent sustainable luxury for customers, but the concept of the collection also offers an exclusive luxury range extension for jewellers. With the white-label B2B jewellery collection, jewellers receive a comprehensively designed fine jewellery collection with everything they need for presentation and sales, while still having the option of their own exclusive branding. Feel free to find out more about our collection here.

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