Blue Nile sells engagement rings with lab diamonds

Blue Nile verkauft Verlobungsringe mit Labordiamanten
The US online retailer for engagement rings and fine jewellery, Blue Nile, now also sells engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds, as GZ reports. Although lab-grown diamonds from De Beers have been available for purchase there for some time, they have not been explicitly available for engagement rings until now.

The company, which was only taken over by Signet Jewelers in August, offers a wide range of D-Color diamonds, which are produced with the HPHT process. Blue Nile's lab-grown diamonds are priced between €1,000-2,000 and come with a GIA certificate.

Blue Nile originally advertised its lab-grown diamonds as a "sustainable option", but removed this description from the website. The reason for this was that there had already been warning letters in the USA in 2019 from various companies who had advertised their lab-grown diamonds as sustainable, although this claim could not be clearly proven.

We at DIAVON are very pleased that more and more companies in the jewellery industry are expanding their range to include lab-grown diamonds. At the same time, it is important to note that not every lab-grown diamond is automatically sustainable just because limited resources were not mined from the earth for its production. Even in the lab-grown sector, explicit evidence must be provided to show how the company's practices and value chain are sustainable and socially just.
Nevertheless, lab-grown diamonds may well be a sustainable alternative to mine diamonds. DIAVON'S MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs, for example, are produced completely CO2-neutrally by the Diamond Foundry with the help of pure hydropower. Likewise, value is placed on a sustainable value-added process, both on a social and ecological level.
In general, there has been a noticeable change in the industry's awareness of the issue of sustainability in recent years. We are confident that this trend will continue and very much hope that in the future more and more market participants will implement demonstrably sustainable business practices and accordingly rely on the MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs.

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Source: Article "Blue Nile sells engagement rings with syntheses" - Goldschmiede Zeitung from 14.11.2022
Image: Adobe Stock | 211075108
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