Sustainable & social - DIAVON and Diamond Foundry interviewed by GZ

Nachhaltig und sozial der MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® (Round Brilliant in Fancy Color, Fancy Vivid Pink)
In the current Goldschmiede Zeitung (GZ) issue 12/22, Katharina Schmitt, CEO of Diavon, and Martin Roscheisen, CEO of the laboratory diamond producer Diamond Foundry Inc. explain why their offer is a credibly sustainable alternative to mine diamonds.

Martin Roscheisen will talk about Diamond Foundry's "Made in Spain" project, which factors speak in favour of laboratory diamonds and why he can guarantee sustainability with the help of his emission-free production.

But not only ecological responsibility during the manufacturing process, but also a socially just, transparent value chain is an important aspect of sustainability.

"Compared to other laboratory diamonds, our MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs are not only processed emission-free, but also under socially just conditions," says CEO, Katharina Schmitt. At DIAVON, together with the cutting plant in Surat, we are committed, among other things, to women's empowerment and support medical care and a balanced diet for the more than 1,200 employees on site. We not only show appreciation for the diamonds themselves, but also for the people who make this wonder of nature into a unique piece of jewellery. The MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs stands for a holistically socially and ecologically just diamond. This makes it a genuine sustainable alternative to mine diamonds.

You can find the whole interview here.

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Source: Article "Sustainable & social" - Goldschmiede Zeitung from 8.12.2022
Image: DIAVON GmbH ©
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