Breitling uses laboratory diamonds

Breitling setzt auf Labordiamanten
In October, Breitling presented its new Super Chronomat 38 Origins. It seems that the Swiss watch manufacturer has thus heralded a reorientation of its corporate actions towards transparency and sustainability.

The company's first product to use lab-grown diamonds instead of mine diamonds for this wristwatch, as reported by Forbes. In addition, the gold used in the watch comes from small-scale mining, not industrial mining.

The Super Chronomat is thus the first Breitling product whose supply chain is fully traceable. Each watch is accompanied by a certificate of origin for the raw materials used.

However, Breitling plans to go even further. By 2024, all diamonds used for the watches are to come from the laboratory. By 2025, the company even plans to switch completely to gold from small-scale mining.

With this, the company is sending a very clear signal and setting the direction for the coming years. Breitling CEO Georges Kern told Forbes that consumers are increasingly questioning the products they buy and want to know what is really in a product. Breitling wants to answer these questions in advance with a 100% transparent supply chain, and the Super Chronomat Origins is only the first step in a major transformation process.

In general, there has been an increasing change in awareness on the market in recent years. We at DIAVON are also focusing on transparency in every respect. For us, sustainability is anything but just a marketing aspect - we understand sustainability as a fundamental principle of our entrepreneurial actions. We are all the more pleased to see that market players like Breitling are also realigning their priorities here and making great strides in the area of sustainability and transparency.

Source: article "Breitling unheils Super Chronomat Origins will feature lab-grown diamonds, traceable gold" - Forbes, 20.10.2022.

About Breitling:

Breitling is a Swiss watch manufacturer established in the luxury segment, founded back in 1884. For some years now, the company has been focusing more and more on sustainability throughout the entire value chain and supports various international projects on the subject of sustainability and environmental protection.

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