Swarovski expands 'Created Diamonds' collection to North America

Swarovski weitet ‘Created Diamonds’ Kollektion auf Nordamerika aus

As the online portal FashionUnited reports, the Austrian jewelry company is expanding its collection of laboratory diamonds 'Created Diamonds' to 200 stores in the USA and Canada. The collection had previously gone on sale at just a few locations in the US as part of a test phase - and has exceeded all expectations there.

Swarovski has been selling lab diamonds since 2016, and expanding into the US market is intended to strengthen the company's position in the luxury segment and enable entry into the fine jewelry market.

The successful expansion of Swarovski's 'Created Diamonds' collection into the US market, which is an extremely important market segment, shows that lab-grown diamonds are becoming increasingly relevant. This is mainly due to the change in awareness within our society, with priorities shifting more and more towards sustainability.

At DIAVON we are convinced that luxury should be sustainable and conflict-free. Beauty should not be to the detriment of people and nature, but represent real added value. That is why we offer verifiably sustainable MANUFACTURED DIAMONDS from our manufacturer, the Diamond Foundry, for the entire European market.

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Source: Article "Swarovski and De Beers rely more on laboratory diamonds" Blickpunkt Juwelier from October 27th, 2022.
Image: Adobe Stock | 226038217

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