Good news at Inhorgenta 2023

Inhorgenta München 2023

From February 24-27, a diverse mix of well-known big names, ambitious startups and everything in between from the jewelry, watch and gemstone industry met again in Munich. Already the press conference on the first day of Inhorgenta 2023 could be opened with thoroughly positive news, as reported by Goldschmiede Zeitung.

Inhorgenta saw a 9% increase in exhibitors compared to 2022 and the share of international exhibitors also increased, to a full 49%. Also pleasing is the 20% increase in industry turnover of the specialist trade compared to the previous year. In view of this development, one is now beyond a recovery of the industry and can even speak of growth, according to BJV President Stephan Lindner. Lindner sees the explanation for this growth in the fact that the purchase of fine jewelry causes feelings of happiness and people are therefore more in the mood to buy again.

Meanwhile, there is cautious optimism in the industry, as business performance was thoroughly satisfactory last year despite the tense global political and economic situation.

We at DIAVON were also present at this year's Inhorgenta in Munich, where we not only presented our CO2-neutral MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs, but also launched our demonstrably sustainable white label B2B jewelry collection. We are pleased that we had the opportunity to personally meet many members of the industry at Inhorgenta and to exchange ideas on a wide range of topics. Our main focus was to turn the spotlight on social and environmental sustainability with the MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs and the White-Label Essential jewelry collection. The great interest in demonstrably sustainable MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs illustrates the increased demand for a genuine alternative to all mined and laboratory diamonds. The popularity and the overall very good feedback show us that we are also inspiring others with our commitment to sustainable business practices and are contributing to a change in awareness in the industry.

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Source: Article "Glücksgefühle!" in Goldschmiede Zeitung from 24 February 2023

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