Fancy Colors more popular than ever


As Blickpunkt Juwelier recently reported, prices for colored diamonds continued to rise in fiscal year 2022 due to high demand. Prices for white diamonds, on the other hand, have dropped.

Especially for yellow diamonds, the price increase was relatively high on average, here it amounted to 4.6%. The price increase was also high for pink diamonds, while it was unexpectedly low at 1.8% for blue diamonds. This data comes from the analysis of the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF). However, diamonds in Fancy Vivid Pink at 1.5 ct. recorded the largest price increase. - with a full 9.3%.

This summary is also in line with the trend report of the Bundesverband Schmuck + Uhren (BVSU) for the year 2023. According to BVSU, not only did many jewelry brands focus on colored diamonds in 2022 due to the high demand, but this trend seems to continue in 2023. Feel free to read our contribution to the BVSU trend report here

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Source: Article "Hohe Nachfrage treibt die Preise für Farbdiamanten" in Blickpunkt Juwelier from 14 February 2023



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