Laboratory diamonds an alternative to mine diamonds? - Interview with CEO Katharina Schmitt

Interview mit der Goldschmiede Zeitung
In the current issue of Goldschmiede Zeitung, Katharina Schmitt, CEO of DIAVON, reports on the positive feedback at Inhorgenta and discusses the relevance and positioning of lab diamonds in the jewellery industry with industry participants.

How do we at DIAVON assess the chances for MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs diamonds on the market, where many consumers no longer want to buy Russian diamonds and the prices for natural stones are exploding? How relevant is the price for the purchase decision and is sustainability an issue for customers? These and other questions are answered in the current GZ issue 06.2022.

Here you can find the external link to the complete interview on the website of the Goldschmiede Zeitung. Please note that the interview is only available in German.

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