"Sustainable right from the start" - Article in the Goldschmiede Zeitung

DIAVON auf dem Cover der Goldschmiede Zeitung Ausgabe 3/23
We are on the cover of Goldschmiede Zeitung 3/23. In the current issue, GZ focuses on the topic of sustainability, among other things. You'll also find out more about our contribution to more sustainable luxury alongside other industry participants who are pioneering the market in terms of environmentally responsible stewardship .

Read the article about DIAVON in the Goldschmiede Zeitung here .

About the Goldschmiede Zeitung:

The monthly issue of the Goldschmiede Zeitung reports on the craft of goldsmiths, watchmakers and jewellers. It is "the magazine for jewelry and watches" and thus the "official organ of the Bavarian State Association for the gold and silversmith trade".

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