NDC plans to shed light on myths about lab-grown diamonds

NDC klärt über Mythen zu Labordiamanten auf

The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) is planning a campaign to clarify the most common myths about lab-grown diamonds. The reason for this, according to CEO David Kellie, is that the lab-grown sector is damaging the entire industry with false or not clearly provable statements about the eco-friendliness and social-ethical justifiability of lab-grown diamonds.

This is not to attack laboratory diamonds, but merely to clarify misconceptions and present the actual facts so that consumers can make their own informed purchasing decisions.

We at DIAVON welcome this initiative, because it is true that there is a lot of greenwashing in the industry and misleading statements about sustainability are made when lab-grown diamonds are advertised. However, one must also differentiate here, because there are definitely companies that demonstrably produce sustainable lab-grown diamonds. With our MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs, for example, we offer lab-grown diamonds created by the Diamond Foundry in a 100% CO2-neutral process, which represent a sustainable alternative to conventional mined diamonds in both social and ecological terms.

Therefore, we hope that the NDC will truly objectively look at the facts, both educating on the issue of greenwashing and taking into account that lab-grown diamonds may indeed be a sustainable alternative, depending on the manufacturer's corporate practices.


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Source: article "NDC Plans Synthetics Myth-Busting Campaign" in Rapport from 9 March 2023

Image: Copyright (c) 2019 EgolenaHK/Shutterstock

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