New Cut Grade for Fancy Shapes

Diamant im Heart Shape

As you can read in the Diamantbericht, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) has added a grade for cut to fancy shape diamond reports, which takes into account the influence that the cut quality has on the light performance.


For the first 6 months, this category will be offered as an optional characteristic. This step is a reaction to the customers' increasing attention to Cut, compared to Color, Clarity or Carat.

So far, grading the cut of fancy shaped diamonds has basically not been possible, since you cannot decisively predict the light performance on the basis of their measurements, as you can with round diamonds, for example.

Therefore, the IGI has developed a four-step system, which consists of the regular evaluation of polish an symmetry, proportions qualification explicitly for fancy shapes, shape specific additional requirements, and light return grading.

The IGI is the leading gemological institute when it comes to grading lab grown diamonds. Since we at DIAVON are not only experts for laboratory diamonds, but also offer our customers a wide range of fancy shapes, we are pleased to hear that the IGI has developed an innovative solution to increase the customer satisfaction in the grading of fancy shapes.


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