Statement: "Misleading environmental claims".

Statement:"Irreführung bei Angaben zur Umweltfreundlichkeit"
Blickpunkt Juwelier in conversation with Dr. Guido Grohmann, General Manager of the industry association BSVU and Managing Director of the Federation of German Jewellery and Silverware Trade Associations, see the danger of consumer deception especially in synthetic diamonds.

We are just as critical of misleading practices in the trade with laboratory diamonds as we are in the market for mine diamonds. Not every diamond is sustainable simply because it was produced in a laboratory, because to grow a diamond requires a high-tech process that requires a lot of energy. But even diamonds from mines are already declared as environmentally friendly, even though they actually cause a deep cut into nature and the destruction of biodiversity through mining.

For us, environmental friendliness is not just a marketing aspect, but the basis of our business activities. That is why the EU Commission's directive initiative on "Strengthening the role of consumers in the transition to a green economy" in particular is an important step forward for us. We welcome the fact that minimum requirements for sustainable quality labels are to be defined in order to curb greenwashing and thus the deception of consumers.

With DIAVON's MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs, consumers can be sure that our diamonds go through an easily traceable value chain, guaranteeing transparency and fair conditions under the highest German quality standards. In addition, the MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® offers real added value for people and nature. With the help of our partner Diamond Foundry Inc., we are already creating demonstrably climate-neutral diamonds that have carried the "Carbon Neutral" seal since 2017 and are now going even further to achieve the goal of "Beyond Carbon Neutral".

To the article "Synthetic diamonds: steps against consumer deception" from 14 July 2022.

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