IN THE MEDIA: Kim-Eva Wempe predicts price explosion for the entire industry

Die Endverbrauchenden lehnen zunehmend den Kauf russischer Diamanten ab, gleichzeitig steigen die Diamantenpreise.
In an interview with manager magazin, Kim-Eva Wempe, Managing Partner of Wempe, talks about inflation, the Corona pandemic and possible price increases.

Many end consumers are currently critical of the market and are looking for alternatives. This is also due to the desire for traceability within the supply chain and for sustainable product manufacturing. End consumers are increasingly rejecting the purchase of Russian diamonds, and at the same time diamond prices are rising.

So far, Wempe does not fear that consumers will lose interest in watches and jewellery. However, with a view to the current Ukraine crisis, she predicts significantly rising prices. "Prices will explode this year! Not only for us, but for the entire industry," says Wempe. This applies not only to jewellery, but also to watches. Read the whole interview here.

The general price increase as well as impending supply bottlenecks for gold and precious stones are reasons for the exploding prices. Jupp Philipp, owner and CEO of Fortis, also sees it that way. "Suppliers in all sectors, are raising prices because everyone is having problems getting material, says Jupp Philipp. In view of the continuing price increase, it is now important for retailers to buy as early and as extensively as possible, because according to Wempe, the price and value increase will further stimulate customers' desire to buy.

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