Made in Europe: Diamond Foundry plans solar-powered plant in Spain

Made in Europe: Diamond Foundry plant solarbetriebenes Werk in Spanien

As the exclusive partner of Diamond Foundry Inc. in Europe, DIAVON offers its customers a wide range of MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs from the USA, produced by pure hydropower in the laboratory. In the coming years, lab-grown diamonds already sourced from Europe may be added, which will be produced using solar energy. In this blogpost you will find all the latest info on the construction of the new solar powered plant of our partner Diamond Foundry in Spain.


A true, demonstrably sustainable alternative to natural diamonds

Diamond Foundry is a pioneer in the production of laboratory diamonds and stands not only for outstanding quality, but especially for sustainability. With the planned production facility in Spain, the company will further expand its production capacities and consolidate its position as a leading manufacturer of demonstrably sustainable laboratory diamonds. The company is known for its environmental as well as social sustainability, which is ensured not only by the manufacturing process, but also by adherence to strict ethical guidelines. Diamond Foundry also stands for transparent communication, which is also characterized by exercising open criticism towards the practices of the mining diamond industry.

Solar energy available virtually unlimited

It has rarely been the case that solar power alone is used for large industrial operations. With energy requirements on an industrial scale, companies want to be able to rely on the consistency of their energy source and, of course, not all locations are suitable for generating so much electricity via solar systems due to the climate. The production of diamonds using the CVD process, as used by Diamond Foundry, is particularly energy-intensive. In the Extremadura region of Spain, however, solar energy is abundant. Diamond Foundry therefore wants to prove that it is also entirely possible to supply large industrial operations with sufficient energy in this way. The company has already been certified as CO2-neutral in 2017 and covers its entire energy requirements, which includes its production facility in Washington State, entirely via renewable energies. Plans for the plant in Spain include the construction of a 120 MW solar plant with battery storage. Diamond Foundry is working with Spanish energy supplier Powen on this project.

An exciting step towards the future

Up to 10 million carats of diamonds could be produced in total at the planned production facility. The construction will cost around 850 million US dollars. With this large-scale construction project, the new production facility not only sends a clear signal in the direction of sustainability within the diamond industry, but also brings positive economic effects for the region. The new Diamond Foundry production facility is expected to create between 350 and 650 new jobs. For the Spanish region of Extremadura, this contributes to economic development and also supports local communities in the long term. Diamond Foundry's investment in Spain also demonstrates the company's confidence in the economic future of the region and the importance of Europe as a market for laboratory diamonds.

Overall, Diamond Foundry's planned production facility in Spain represents an exciting step for the company and the diamond industry. It is expected to contribute to the further development of high quality, sustainable and ethically produced diamonds and have a positive economic impact on the region. We look forward to seeing how this project develops and what impact it will have on the diamond industry.

As a partner of Diamond Foundry, DAVON is proud to work with a company that puts sustainability first, because we also stand for transparency and sustainability. Our MANUFAKTURDIAMANTs created by Diamond Foundry in the laboratory are produced 100% CO2-neutral and are created under ethically responsible conditions in the laboratory, for which no overexploitation of nature is necessary. Diamond Foundry's new plant in Spain is a big step, especially because of the sole use of solar energy. Diamond Foundry is setting a good example and we hope that it will inspire other manufacturers to look for innovative solutions that will enable them to switch to renewable energy.

Read more about Diamond Foundry Inc. here. If you have any questions or are interested in more information, please feel free to contact us.


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